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Issue 52 | 2023

Issue 52



Vaccine Development

The rise of human challenge trials

Vaccines and antivirals have been the fundamental pillars in the battle against infectious diseases



Astute glocalisers learn from their successes and failures

In the first article in this series The Glocalisation Challenge I differentiated between astute and nave glocalisers and in this fourth and final article

Accelerating Cell and Gene Therapy Treatments to Patients with the Right CDMO Outsourcing Model

Approximately million people worldwide are living with a rare disease and about half of those affected by rare diseases are children

Securing Long-term Success

What to look for in a cell culture media supplier

Cell culture media is a significant driver of productivity within biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes

Research & Development

Emerging Tools Shaping Drug Discovery and Development Landscape

Rapid scientific and technological innovations have enabled us to manipulate complex living systems and expanded our understanding of human biology

An introduction to FDA’s Human Factors Engineering Requirements for Drug-Device Combination Products

Although less well known than other drug development phases human factors engineering HFE is critical to meeting regulatory expectations for drugdevice combination products

A Plant Virus Nanoparticle Toolbox to Combat Cancer

Nowadays nanoparticles are a popular toolbox used in cancer research for improving the pharmaceutical capacity of therapeutic agents

Clinical Trials

Human Challenge Trials

Establishing early risk-benefit in development of vaccines and therapies for infectious diseases

Although slowly fading away from the collective memory the SARSCoV pandemic that started in early and the unprecedented health crisis on a global scale that followed reminded us about the necessity of pandemic preparedness


Respirable Engineered Spray Dried Dry Powder as a Platform Technology

The dichotomous branching of the lungs from the th generation the trachea to the rd generation of the lungs offers a surface area of m of the alveolar region

Just in Time Manufacturing Creating more sustainable supply chains

Drug development has transformed immeasurably over the past decade Even before the Covid pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine


Adopting the Power of AI to Drug Development Projects

A tremendous amount of documentation is created throughout the clinical trial lifecycle

Shaping the Future of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Trends, Technologies and Beyond at ISPE Singapore

International and Regional BioPharma meets online inperson at Suntec Singapore this month

Nitrosamine Control and Prevention

A comprehensive approach

Nitrosamine describes a class of compounds with a nitroso groups chemical structure bonded to an amine